At KRISS USA, innovation, quality, and value are the foundations of everything we make. We take pride in producing the type of small arms, training replicas, and accessories that we can recommend to our family and friends. Engineered to increase speed and accuracy, heighten multiple target acquisition and reduce recoil, KRISS firearms include carbines, rifles, short barreled rifles, as well as pistols in rimfire, special duty, compact, and subcompact models.

A KRISS firearm features a patented recoil mitigation system, which aids in reducing rise and felt recoil, increasing the operator’s accuracy and shooting comfort. For true firearm innovation in a look that will turn heads at every shooting venue, shop the innovative KRISS guns for sale. We look forward to including you among our friends as we continue to deliver solutions to the 21st century shooter.



The KRISS Vector CRB is the most widely accessible model, with a rifle length barrel the Vector CRB is 47 state compliant. The Vector CRB is the ideal choice for recreational use and competition in pistol caliber carbine divisions. Like all KRISS Vector firearms, the CRB is fed with full size Glock® magazines, allowing for a wide range of large capacity options.

At the heart of the KRISS VECTOR is the Super V System, a nonlinear, multilink, blowback system designed to redirect recoil energy down. The Super V System in conjunction with the low bore axis reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb.